Awesome mosaic by brother-in-law, Steve Davis

 I love getting back down to LA. Fun in the sun, except when it rains. Then it's fun in the rain. Wait, is this Seattle? Or the Amazon rain forest? No, just Orange County in November. """"!!Downpour!!"""""

Great book signing with Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church.  We recently collaborated on a children's picture book version of The Lord's Prayer, published by Zondervan.

 Rick is a warm, friendly guy, and a force of Nature.  Seriously, the work he and his church are doing is remarkable and multi-faceted.  After each of two services we signed books.   A LOT of books. The hard part? Signing fast, and spelling the names correctly. No worries, though, if I spell a name wrong, oops, I turn it into a picture.

 Rick and I are going to be working on some more books together.  Sweet.

Here's the incomparable Alex Uhl, owner of Whale Of A Tale Bookstoppe.  Her exquisite bookstore is in Irvine, California, but she arranged a book signing at the Orange County Junior League Christmas Company.

self portrait by Steve Bjorkman

I signed next to my friend and awesome illustrator, Steve Bjorkman. We signed for eight hours on Friday and ten hours on Saturday.  Yowzer, that was a lot of books. When possible, I try to do a little doodle in each book. Fancy Nancy's author, Jane O'Connor and illustrator, Robin Preiss Glasser signed with Alex the following day. You are amazing, Alex.

 I love you SO~CAL! I dream of you, Bougainvillea.

Ahhh, Mexican pottery, I like your sunny disposition. Thank you, Steve and Kathleen, for your hacienda hospitality.  November 2011